Coast Guard investigating ground IR detectors for ice rescue

Do you happen to have an infrared WiSAR detector for cold weather?

USCG wants a portable infrared WiSAR detector.  This RFI was posted on 2-OCT:

The Coast Guard Research and Development Center (RDC) is conducting market research to identify technologies that are suitable for conducting IR searches on foot for persons on frozen waterways. The parameters include detection capabilities of one mile, and recognition capabilities at one-half mile, and identification at approximately one-quarter mile by personnel on foot (monopod is possible). The parameters also include the need to function in extremely cold temperatures, be temporarily submersible, and function regardless of weather conditions or the time of day/night for IR detection.

Automated Image Segmentation

How to turn a USGS map or satellite photos into vector data? A couple of links, and some questions.

Back when Adam Golding and I prototyped Probability Mapper we already had an algorithm that could give the probability based on distance, terrain, vegetation, and other factors. But we were working with raster images, so we only had distance. If you had vector layers for terrain & vegetation, you'd be set.

~Originally 9 June 2008

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ACFR & Nuit Blanche

The Australian Centre for Field Robotics is doing a lot of good work on Bayesian search theory and sensor fusion, for multi-agent robotic systems.

Igor Carron briefly describes one of their recent technical papers in this short blog post . The abstract begins: This paper describes a decentralized Bayesian approach to coordinating multiple autonomous sensor platforms searching for a single non-evading target. Unfortunately, the article has restricted access.

However, I recommend spending awhile at Igor's blog. Follow links about Jim Gray, Bayes, SAROPS.

Thanks to Bob Koester for the reference.