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Missing Person Behavior

Being a quick scan of old SARBayes reports I found on DocStoc, and some related documents linked from there.

  • SARBayes Australian Missing Person Behaviour [DocStoc | sarbayes]
  • SARBayes Washington State Missing Person Behavior [DocStoc | sarbayes]
  • SARBayes Database Form. (Mostly historical interest. New entries should use the ISRID Spreadsheet from dbS Productions, and send data to Bob Koester at dbS.)  [DocStoc | sarbayes]
  • Predicting missing person behaviour using Bayesian networks. (Adam Golding's honours thesis, 2002) [DocStoc | sarbayes]
  • Slideshow by Robert Bradley (UK), 2010, using UK and ISRID data [DocStoc]
  • The Missing Person Dimension, Kiernan & Henderson 1999. (High-level overview of data from the Australian National Missing Persons Unit.) [DocStoc]

That's it for now.  I hope to recreate some document and download pages soon.  (30-July-2012)

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