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UAVs, MH370, Prediction Markets

In which I discuss two-and-a-half approaches to crowdsourcing Search & Rescue, and invite you to try one -- namely, mine: http://bit.ly/1eBBMkq Continue reading

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One of the giants in Bayesian statistics passed away at his home earlier this week, coincidentally at the start of the O'Bayes 250 conference marking the 250th anniversary of the publication of Bayes' paper. Writeup in X'ian's 'Og.

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Search Theory in C4ISR Journal

The C4ISR Journal had a recent search theory article quoting me along with Larry Stone. Continue reading

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Structured Methods for Intelligence Analysis

My colleagues just published a paper in Euro Journal on Decision Processes, for their special issue on risk management.

Karvetski, C.W, Olson, K.C., Gantz, D.T., Cross, G.A., "Structuring and analyzing competing hypotheses with Bayesian networks for intelligence analysis". Continue reading

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Bayesian Motion Models of LPB

Lin & Goodrich at Brigham Young are working on Bayesian motion models for generating probability maps. They have an interesting model, but need GPS tracks to train it. It's a nice complement to our approach, and it will be interesting … Continue reading

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Syrotuck's Data

Syrotuck's main study is his 1976, with N=242. But he gives much more detail about distance travelled in his 1975 paper, breaking distance down every 0.2 miles. Unfortunately, he only reports probabilities, not numbers, and doesn't even report total N. … Continue reading

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SARBayes Optimal Resource Allocation Library

(This is recovered from an old history sidebar for SORAL. The code was updated in 2008 for the AGMSAR package.) Version 2.0 release scheduled for 28 Feb 2003. Jan. 2003: The code is now fully redocumented using dOxygen!! The public … Continue reading

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Instructions for “Probability Mapper”

NOTE: This is OLD software. It was only a proof-of-concept. It was NEVER operational.  Needless to say, it is completely without warranty, etc. 

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