ACFR & Nuit Blanche

The Australian Centre for Field Robotics is doing a lot of good work on Bayesian search theory and sensor fusion, for multi-agent robotic systems.

Igor Carron briefly describes one of their recent technical papers in this short blog post . The abstract begins: This paper describes a decentralized Bayesian approach to coordinating multiple autonomous sensor platforms searching for a single non-evading target. Unfortunately, the article has restricted access.

However, I recommend spending awhile at Igor's blog. Follow links about Jim Gray, Bayes, SAROPS.

Thanks to Bob Koester for the reference.

Author: ctwardy

Charles Twardy started the SARBayes project at Monash University in 2000. Work at Monash included SORAL, the Australian Lost Person Behavior Study, AGM-SAR, and Probability Mapper. At George Mason University, he added the MapScore project and related work. More generally, he works on evidence and inference with a special interest in causal models, Bayesian networks, and Bayesian search theory, especially the analysis and prediction of lost person behavior. From 2011-2015, Charles led the DAGGRE & SciCast combinatorial prediction market projects at George Mason University, and has recently joined NTVI Federal as a data scientist supporting the Defense Suicide Prevention Office. Charles received a Dual Ph.D. in History & Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Science from Indiana University, followed by a postdoc in machine learning at Monash.

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