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Don Ferguson's paper shows how they used ESRI GIS software on an actual search. Obviously he's developed some SAR-specific layers. Imagine if the probability map could be auto-generated...

Yes, I'm getting in touch with him.



Don is the current chair of the Mountaineer Area Rescue Group, part of the Appalachian Search & Rescue Conference. He's also a Ph.D. engineer with the DOE. His SAR blog.


Slide show by Robert Netsch on the 1-year anniversary of the SAROPS 1.0 rollout.

Being a slide show, it doesn't say much, though it has some nice screenshots. However, it does sketch their globe-spanning server architecture. They seem to have about 15 servers around the US: Honolulu, San Juan, Guam, Cleveland, Alameda, Seattle, Miami, Portsmouth, and Boston. It appears they have over 50 units and probably over 1000 people using it by now.

They suggest they are migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS.


Author: ctwardy

Charles Twardy started the SARBayes project at Monash University in 2000. Work at Monash included SORAL, the Australian Lost Person Behavior Study, AGM-SAR, and Probability Mapper. At George Mason University, he added the MapScore project and related work. More generally, he works on evidence and inference with a special interest in causal models, Bayesian networks, and Bayesian search theory, especially the analysis and prediction of lost person behavior. From 2011-2015, Charles led the DAGGRE & SciCast combinatorial prediction market projects at George Mason University, and has recently joined NTVI Federal as a data scientist supporting the Defense Suicide Prevention Office. Charles received a Dual Ph.D. in History & Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Science from Indiana University, followed by a postdoc in machine learning at Monash.

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